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The Greenbrier Resort's famous peaches are one of the most popular desserts at America's Resort, and one of the most popular gifts. We use only the highest quality peaches, which are packed in peach puree and frozen to retain their fabulous fresh flavor. Must be shipped overnight. Orders for Peaches received after 3:00pm EST will ship the following day. Orders received Friday after 3:00pm EST will ship the following Monday.

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: The package contains a 4 1/2 lb. can of (10-12) fresh frozen Greenbrier peaches. These peaches will remain frozen for approximately 6 to 8 hours and may be returned to the freezer for up to 6 months. If they should thaw, they need to be removed from the can and placed in an upright container. Use within 4 to 6 days. Do not re-freeze once they have completely thawed.

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The Greenbrier Peaches

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Product Reviews

Plant 2 mature trees--they would be affordable !
Review by Henny
Overall Rating
These are wonderful Peaches--hence the 5 Stars---however, South Carolina has delicious peaches ( we grow more than Georgia ).
Due to your Shipping costs, I will be enjoying SC Peaches this Summer--and from now on. Come ON folks--not even Prime Rib from Lobel's in NYC asks this much to ship !! (Posted on 3/17/19)
Shipping cost
Review by Val
Overall Rating
Love these peaches ! However, had moved and hadn’t ordered in years . Imagine my surprise at the HUGE increase in shipping costs! I regularly ship items with my business. 
I used to give these as gifts to clients and keep some for myself , no longer. Please 
Greenbrier do something in regard to this! (Posted on 12/28/18)
Fabulous peaches BUT who crazy re shipping?
Review by candy
Overall Rating
Love LOVE these peaches. They are perfection! But who on earth dreamt up these shipping costs? I order  about $300 worth of chocolate from Vermont in the summer, the additional costs for overnight with gel packs adds about $40, NOT $400!!!!! COME ON GREENBRIER, FIX THIS. (Posted on 5/2/18)
great, but $$$$$$$$ for shipping!
Review by GA Peach
Overall Rating
These peaches are fabulous, but I suggest you buy a year's worth while you are in White Sulphur Springs. The cost for shipping is really quite excessive. (Posted on 3/16/17)