The Greenbrier Coloring Book by Carleton Varney

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Color The Greenbrier Beautiful Coloring Book by Carleton Varney

COLOR The Greenbrier BEAUTIFUL~ Coloring Book ~ Illustrated by Carleton Varney

Color The Greenbrier Beautiful. will get everyone started on a road of happiness and color. Go on a journey through the Greenbrier and try your hand as a decorator, as color is the most important decorating tool!

Known as America's Resort, The Greenbrier has been a destination to take the waters of White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia since 1778. It is color magic in every way ~ in the design of carpeting, wallpapers, upholstery, window treatments, and wall colors.

This 30 page coloring book chronicals many iconic areas, symbols and decorations at The Greenbrier Resort. Also includes, notes from Carleton Varney about The Greenbrier's history and design inspiration. Each picture is hand drawn by Carleton Varney.


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